Mark Derman

DevOps | Full Stack Coder

I have been coding for more than 30 years, and really enjoy hacking with computers and software in general.

I enjoy using software to make myself and others productive and to do stuff, whatever that might be... I have a penchant for getting really practical with using tech to live a more enabled life.

Coding for me started on the ZX Spectrum during junior school, through Basic & Pascal on the BBC at high school, Turbo Pascal on the XT at university where I read Mechanical Engineering.

After travelling a few years in Europe, I did a year of C++ in London, and then 2 years of client-server development for De Beers in Cape Town.

In 1999 I was lucky enough to jump (on my wedding day nogal!) into a decade of creating and operating thanks to good friend and windsurfing mate, Matthew Swart.

I am a full-time Capetonian, married to Caroline, and blessed with two sons, Matthew and Ben. Our resident ministor of happiness is Hudson the labrador.

I also love to windsurf and surf, hike through the great outdoors, travel, play the piano, and enjoy a good dance party.