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Mark Derman

DevOps | Full Stack Coder
Wednesday 1 May 2013


We launched to the public together with founder, Deon Durandt, in April 2013.

Creating custom eCommerce applications in the modern online landscape is both challenging and rewarding.

There are a slew of ready-to-go eCommerce platforms available today, Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce to name a few, but these generally do not suit the scenario of anything outside of a product catalog, shopping basket, checkout and order management. Clients that wish to create something unique invariably need to go the bespoke (custom) development route.

The challenge in creating eGardens was to create a website that could be a platform for creating a gardening encyclopedia, gardening magazine, as a well as a gardening store. All products, reference articles and magazine articles were categorised and indexed by Theme, Purpose, Plant Type, and more....

For example, the following magazine article in the "Indigenous Garden" Theme, lists products down the side tagged with this theme -

The solution includes quality design and UX (User Experience), site wide search, and a comprehensive back-end article, product and stock content management system.

eGardens website

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