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Mark Derman

DevOps | Full Stack Coder
Wednesday 19 January 2011

Solving FBV's invoicing bottleneck

Soulv created a simple line-of-business web application to solve FBV's job management overload and invoicing bottle-neck.

The app manages client information, jobs, and professional time and materials allocated to each job.

Within two months of the solution being deployed, FBV had reduced their accounts receivable backlog enormously, as well as improving the businesses overall cash flow health.

Client testimonial

"Mark Derman and his team at Soulv have completed two projects for us. The first, a web-based line of business application for operational control called FBV Ops has been running successfully for 6 years. After a short development phase and deployment it gave us complete control over operations, broke an invoicing bottleneck and gives us a competitive advantage in enabling faster reaction to client needs and rapid, anywhere, anytime monitoring of progress.

The second application was a purpose built web client called PlanShare which allows us to upload computer aided draughting (CAD) files overlaid on Google Earth imagery. Password protected access allows our clients to view their projects remotely 24/7/365, visualise and collaborate. Again, the development phase was short and we have version 1 of the system running smoothly and in use by clients.

We're now well into start up on our third and most ambitious project with Soulv and expect to have another success story in a few months time."

Mark Straughan
Friedlaender, Burger and Volkmann

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