eGardens - Garden nursery startup

January 2012 - April 2013

Deon Durandt came to Mark in 2012 with a desire to start up a local online nursery second to none.

Soulv Software delivered a turnkey solution. We provided expert solution direction, branding, UX, web design, architecture, development and hosting.

Technical direction and architecture

Mark took Deon's concept on, and after building a pilot web store based on Magento, it became clear that the solution would need to encompass a comprehensive and flexible content management platform, in order to build the expansive gardening library Deon was imagining.

Mark steered the solution with the changing requirements and architected a solution based on a content management system and custom coded shopping cart, checkout and order management solution.

Brand Strategy, identity and design

Together with branding, strategy and design partner, Thinkfarm, we chose a name, eGardens, and created an identity for Deon's business.

User experience design

Zigi, Alan and Mark did extensive user experience design work on most of the eGardens pages.