Deployment Automation - Continuous delivery transformation

September 2017 - April 2018

Soulv engaged with a Cape Town based financial services provider, Direct Axis, to increase the agility and reliability of their mostly .NET software delivery pipeline.

The software development department had around 15 teams working on a variety of micro-services, as well as an existing monolithic application.

We architected and implemented environment-wide deployment automation based on Octopus Deploy across more than 100 systems through a delivery pipeline of 20 Development & QA tenants, PreProduction and Production.

Innovations included:

  • The ability to provision a test environment of the main suite of monolithic systems in minutes with 100% reliability.
  • 3 new UAT environments to reduce the occurrence of project contention for PreProduction.
  • The ability for all 15 development teams to keep their QA environments up-to-date with Production.
  • The ability for automated regression to run against many different project changes as opposed to only one.
  • The ability to create the entire ecosystem for a new Development team or project.