Direct Axis - Deployment Automation

September 2017 - April 2018

Soulv is engaging with a Cape Town based financial services provider to increase the agility and reliability of their mostly .NET software delivery pipeline.

The development department has around 15 teams working on a variety of micro-services, as well as an existing monolithic application.

We are implementing Octopus Deploy across more than 100 systems through a delivery pipeline of 20 Development & QA tenants, PreProduction and Production.

Innovations include:

  • The ability to deploy the main suite of monolithic systems in literally 2 minutes with 100% reliability.
  • 3 new UAT environments to reduce the occurrence of project contention for PreProduction.
  • The ability for all 15 development teams to keep their QA environments up-to-date with Production.
  • The ability for automated regression to run against many different project changes as opposed to only 1.
  • The ability to create the entire ecosystem for a new Development team or project.